Top 4 communication skills in the workplace

top 4 Communication skills in the workplace

Through many years of consulting with and coaching leaders I have listed 4 communication skills which I consider will help to build powerful, positive, working relationships in the workplace;

Listening – using the power of silence, allows the other person in the conversation to share, it provides space to hold calmness and opportunities for reflection, listening builds relationships.

Clarity – of instruction, particularly if you are requesting a task to be completed, imagine you are sending them on a journey along a well-signposted route.

Repetition – repeating what you have heard, ensures that you understand, and the other person feels understood!

Placement – place yourself in their seat, this will help you to see what they see or what they hear, now acknowledge this in your conversation. You are now seeing a panoramic view of their circumstance or situation.

Adopting these four techniques will create more effective and meaningful communications, give them a try and see.

“Communication works for those who work at it” John Powell