The Recruitment Challenge

war on talent

There is a war on  talent. Organisations  are now digging deep into their creativity pockets (and their financial pockets), to attract talent.

Every sector is facing recruiting difficulties  ‘The labour market is in a huge state of flux’ (CIPD labour market adviser, Gerwyn Davies)

This is arising because of a multitude of reasons; furlough has pushed people to reflect on their time spent at work,  months of travel restrictions and the need for companies to be highly productive and profitable, after facing many months of hardships, and new entrants coming from Europe has stopped. This cumulative pressure is impacting on labour availability.

In a global survey completed by McKinsey & Company, results show that 38% of employers believed attrition was due to compensation levels, while 54% of employees leave because of they don’t feel valued and 51% of employees leave because they do not have a sense of belonging.

what can employers do to help attract staff ?

Let’s go back to basics.

Organisations should have clear vision and values at board level and review these with senior their teams, and ask for their input. Once these have been established, then communicate to all staff.  Make the values visible throughout the organisation, and in time assess their visibility.   Make your vision and value integral to your recruitment  and people processes. 

  • Review all  who manage others and assess their leadership skills:
    • How do they communicate with others? 
    • Are they inspirational and caring? 
    • Perhaps provide 1 to 1 mentoring and coaching on leadership skills.
  • Strip back and look at every, single benefit you offer, review all employee terms and conditions, can any changes be made? Minor changes can make difference to individuals and their life outside of work. 
  • Next and most importantly, link a people strategy to your overall business strategy, consider:
    • what are your long term skills and talent needs? 
    • what is changing within your labour market? 
    • how can you mitigate against these challenges? 
    • develop both a training and communications plan.

Time out to Reflect

Finally, if you are the leader consider all the working relationships you have had through your working life. Ask yourself ‘what made them special?’ ‘what made them productive?’ ‘what did inspirational leadership look like to you?’

Replicate your positive experiences with your own team and in your own behaviours.  You are now on your way to creating a sense of ‘belonging’ and of ‘being valued’ for staff.

If ‘The labour market is in a huge state of flux’ taking reflective time out to consider what you need to work on to retain staff,  particularly now when employees, (talented) employees are a scarcity. This will surely start making an impact on winning the war on talent.

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