What is Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is applying coaching techniques into your leadership style.

A leader as  a coach will inspire, speak in positive tones, and use open language to engage conversations, releasing an employee’s potential and creating a supportive learning space.

A leader as a coach,  will challenge an employee’s thinking, gently encouraging them to do great work, while developing their own curiosity and listening skills.

A win-win style of leadership!

The more you practice the techniques, the better you will become.

So, how do you get started?

Reflect and Apply

Firstly, be reflective on your communication:

  • Are you allowing space for others to think?
  • Are you answering their own questions?
  • Are you encouraging further thought?
  • Do you know when not to get stuck in and be hands on, enabling their decision making?


Next, try and pay attention to your conversations:

  • Be present and connected
  • Remain on the outside looking in
  • Use open style questions
    • Tell me more about that?
    • What do you need from your team?
    • How did you find that last project?
    • What were the learnings from it?


The best thing about leadership coaching Is the ability to bring ‘you’ into your style of leadership, being authentic and true.

It is a very natural way of building and sustaining working relationships, it reduces conflict, provides opportunities for openness, there are no agendas, it is respectful and empowering.

It is a highly engaged way of working and mutually beneficial. Try it and see!

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